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Getting paid for services rendered or goods supplied is your fundamental right. Unfortunately, unpaid invoices are an unavoidable reality, sometimes in large numbers. This issue directly impacts your cash flow, potentially bringing your business to a standstill. Debt collection often eats up a lot of time and establishing an effective in-house debt collection or delinquency management service can be challenging. As a debt collection agency, WEGELIN assists your company in managing unpaid invoices to safeguard your business and its financial stability, through both amicable negotiations and legal proceedings if necessary. We offer tailored solutions for your outstanding debts and provide debt collection services across France and Europe.


What is the role of a debt collection agency?

A debt collection agency helps you recover outstanding payments from debtors. Debt collection is a specialized field governed by decree and the French code on civil enforcement procedures. Entrusting the recovery of your unpaid invoices to a reliable professional is crucial, as they act on your behalf.

To proceed, the debt collection agency must establish a mandate contract authorizing them to engage with your debtors. This agreement outlines the debt’s origin and the amounts owed by the debtor. It’s crucial that the debt be well-defined and justified to meet legal requirements and our ethical standards.

You have two legal avenues for debt recovery: amicable resolution and judicial action. At WEGELIN, most cases are settled amicably, but we’re prepared to litigate to protect your interests when necessary. If your debtor has vanished without a trace, our debt collection agency conducts thorough investigations to locate them.

A debt collection agency is indispensable for businesses with unpaid invoices. Time is not on your side when dealing with unpaid debts, so don’t let them linger—take action by entrusting your cases to a specialized agency.

Amicable and judicial debt recoveries

require careful planning and expertise and should be handled by professionals within a specialized debt collection agency.

Pursuing payment from slow-paying or financially strained clients is a critical and strategic move for your cash flow. It demands precise skills to secure what you’re owed and minimize legal disputes with your clients. If your business doesn’t already have an in-house debt recovery department, turning to a debt collection agency helps you navigate these situations tactfully while allowing you to focus on your core operations.

By meticulously assessing each debt and case, our specialized debt collection agency assists you in recovering your debts through amicable negotiations and/or legal action. Legal proceedings serve as the last resort to reclaim your debt.

As an experienced debt collection agency, we advocate for amicable resolutions in most cases; however, we recognize that, in some instances, legal action may be the most effective route to protect your interests. We’ll guide you through this process with pragmatism and efficiency.


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Debt collection: amicable resolution

With amicable debt collection, a vast majority of outstanding invoices can be swiftly resolved through mutual agreement between the involved parties. Turning to a specialized debt collection agency sends a clear signal to your debtor, demonstrating your determination to pursue legal action if necessary. This proactive approach significantly boosts the chances of promptly recovering your debts. Our debt recovery service goes the extra mile to conduct negotiations with openness, firmness, and efficiency.

Given our expertise in debt collection, our counterparts quickly realize that the resolution lies in finding payment solutions to fulfil their obligations. Furthermore, our debt collection agency can assist and advise them in devising a future payment plan.

Judicial debt collection

After exhausting the usual process, if certain debts remain outstanding, we propose moving to legal debt collection, but only with your approval. A court ruling in your favour allows for enforced collection, ensuring your debt gets paid. Our debt collection agency takes care of these procedures from beginning to end, ensuring transparency every step of the way.

Don’t let late payments from customers disrupt your cash flow!

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Send a clear, professional message.

Extending payment deadlines can quickly put you in a tough spot. Working closely together on this issue will free up your team’s time and ensure smoother cash flow. Our debt collection agency is here to lend a hand.

Our debt recovery solutions

To lower your collection expenses, WEGELIN Firm, a debt recovery agency, offers tailored packages to suit your needs based on your case load.

We prioritize close collaboration with our clients, which is why our debt collection agency offers personalized, affordable, and flexible pricing.

Check out our FAQ section for quick answers to common questions.

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